Cheap Website Traffic is Easy to Generate

How can you get cheap website traffic? There are a few easy ways to achieve this. One of the ways is ordering a few hundred articles from any freelance website. Once you have these written for you, you can either submit them to article directories or place them onto your own website. There are a few issues with this method. First of all, it may be hard to find a good and reliable writer who will create exciting, or even human readable articles.

Thus, you may have to spend time and money until you finally find someone who does their job well. Secondly, it will take time for the web search engines to index your articles. Thirdly, the articles that you place into an article directory will typically hold good Google positions only for a short time. Within weeks, they will start to decline, bringing you less and less traffic.

The other option is PPC (Pay per Click). You can bid on the cheapest keywords and get some cheap website traffic this way. The problem is that if you bid on the cheapest keywords, you will appear at the very bottom of the advertiser’s list, and your ad may not be noticed. Again, time and money spent, and not much result achieved.

One good way to get cheap traffic (it’s actually free) is by creating several potential viral videos and placing them onto YouTube, each having a strategic title. If you have not yet tried this method, you may want to consider it. It’s free, and if the video becomes popular, it will bring you more visitors as time goes by. There are some nice guides that can teach you how to generate traffic with a simple little video placed on a popular website.